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Meet Our Founder - David Walker-Dobson

"We are committed to delivering robust and practical systems that actually help businesses grow. We guarantee results so we will work for free until you are happy"

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"They automated our support for my stealth Fund Investors. Answering any questions they had from generic to specific deal questions like vesting, launch price and partnerships. Saved us so much time and money in the process."

Mathew Olapo

CEO of Health Tech Start up - Athlerse

"We were looking for ways to improve our product listing process which was manual and time consuming...We were able to find a solution that has really improved the way we list our products which ha been invaluable to our business

Chris Cooper

Founder of Football Finery

"A pleasure to work with, I run creative agency in London, managing multiple studios in my local area, David and team made my job 10x easier

I can't thank him enough"

Oleta Semple

Owner of

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Merging Sales, AI & Automation to build lean and highly profitable businesses.

We are a team of highly ambitious automation developers, AI specialists, Operation consultants and business growth strategists that have over 10+ years experience.

Our goal is simple - To help business embrace the next stage in business operations, helping them accelerate growth and optimise processes


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February 14, 2023

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November 7, 2022

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January 10, 2023

Case Study: Optimizing Marketing and Lead Generation for Coldfire

February 14, 2023

Football Finery - Product Descriptions and Upload System - Case Study