February 14, 2023

AI Enhanced CRM and Sales System

AI Enhanced CRM and Sales System


Recently, we built and implemented an AI-enhanced sales and CRM system for a client, ensuring that no leads were lost, follow-ups were consistently made, and mass personalisation was achieved. This led to massive time savings and increased speed to lead, resulting in a 50% boost in their sales pipeline.

Our Approach

Before partnering with us, the client faced inefficient processes and high costs. Their sales team was overwhelmed, struggling with lost leads, missed follow-ups, and the inability to personalise outreach at scale. This inefficiency resulted in wasted time and resources, low conversion rates, and a stagnant pipeline.

Before Our Automated System:

  • Challenges: Inefficient lead management, high operational costs, lost leads, missed follow-ups, lack of personalisation.
  • Team State: Overwhelmed, burnt out, and ineffective.

After Implementing Our Automated System:

  • Improvements: Seamless lead management, consistent follow-ups, personalised outreach at scale, significant time savings, and faster response times.
  • Team State: Efficient, energised, and highly productive, contributing to a 50% boost in the pipeline.

Steps to Success

  1. Custom-Built CRM:We developed a custom CRM from the ground up using Airtable. This allowed us to create automated workflows with Make.com and implement AI features using GPT. This highly tailored system enabled us to efficiently build lists of qualified, high-probability leads.
  2. Automated Follow-Ups:We integrated Smartlead.ai, a cloud email outbound software, for automated follow-ups and re-engagements. By adding value in every message and intelligently segmenting lead outcomes, we placed leads into customised follow-up sequences. This system seamlessly integrated with all existing systems, ensuring efficient data transfer and a cohesive sales process.
  3. Operational Optimisation:We built a comprehensive SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and training database to be used for current employees and new hires. This database optimised operations by providing clear guidelines and training materials, ensuring consistency and efficiency in their processes.

Using AI in Real-World Applications for Profit

Many AI products on the market are gimmicky and fail to solve real problems. Often, they are generic solutions that don’t address the specific needs of individual businesses. Recognising this gap, we built custom AI integrations and features tailored specifically for our client's unique use case.

We implemented a two-step extraction and generation pipeline that took relevant information from target profiles and assembled it into a customised sequence at scale. For example:

  • Personalised Outreach: Instead of generic cold emails, our system crafted personalised messages that resonated with each lead, resulting in open rates of 70% and reply rates of 11%.
  • Automated Follow-Ups: By integrating Smartlead.ai, we ensured that no lead was left behind. Automated follow-ups and re-engagements were seamlessly executed, drastically reducing manual workload and increasing lead conversion.
  • Intelligent Segmentation: Leads were intelligently segmented based on their interactions and responses. This allowed for more targeted and effective follow-up sequences, contributing to a significant boost in pipeline quality and quantity.


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