February 14, 2023

Football Finery - Product Descriptions and Upload System - Case Study

Client Overview

Football Finery is a UK-based e-commerce brand specializing in authentic and vintage football shirts. The brand was experiencing aggressive growth and spending heavily on virtual assistants (VAs) for product listing tasks.

Business Challenge

The primary challenge was the time-consuming process of writing and uploading product descriptions to their Shopify store. This task was resource-intensive, diverting attention from other critical business functions. The client needed an automated solution to streamline this process, reduce VA costs, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Our Solution

We developed an advanced system integrating a custom AI prompt template, Make.com, and Shopify to automate the e-commerce process:

  • AI-Generated Descriptions: The system generates unique product descriptions based on the provided information.
  • Automated Uploads: Descriptions are automatically uploaded to the Shopify store's draft section for review.

Benefits Delivered

  1. Ease of Use: Simplified form entry for product details, leading to unique descriptions.
  2. Direct uploads to Shopify to enhance efficiency.
  3. Time-Saving: Automation significantly reduces the time spent on manual tasks.
  4. Simplified Review: Quick and easy approval of product descriptions.

Quantitative Efficiency Metrics

  • Manual Method: 37 hours per month per person.
  • With Automation: 8 hours per month per person.

Process Overview

  1. Full Operation Process Mapping: Identified potential areas for automation.
  2. Identify Automation Opportunities: Pinpointed tasks suitable for automation.
  3. Build the Automations: Developed custom automations to fit existing workflows.
  4. Test and Launch: Tested and implemented automation systems.
  5. Daily Monitoring and Optimization: Continuous oversight to ensure effectiveness.


By automating the product description writing and uploading process, Football Finery significantly reduced its reliance on VAs, saved time, and enhanced operational efficiency, allowing the brand to focus on its core business areas.


David at aisisted.com
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