February 14, 2023

Automating Client Onboarding

Project Overview: Automating Client Onboarding

Project Details

This project focused on developing an automated client onboarding sequence that required no human intervention. By leveraging tools such as Make.com, Slack, Email, Pandadoc, and Google Drive, we streamlined the entire process from proposal to onboarding call.

Implementation Process

  1. Proposal Form Submission:
    • Once a verbal agreement is reached, a proposal form is filled out.
    • Automation: Proposal automation generates the proposal and payment link, which is then sent to the client.
  2. Client Form Completion:
    • The client fills out the onboarding form.
    • Commitments Automation: Various assets are created, including Slack channels (both client and internal), Google Drive storage, and Airtable entries.
  3. Contract Signing:
    • The contract is signed, triggering multiple automated actions:
      • Update Status: Airtable contract sign status is updated.
      • Notifications: Proposals are sent to a shared Google Drive and alerts are sent in Slack.
      • Drive Creation: Collaborative Google Drive is created and shared via email and Slack.
  4. Invoice Automation:
    • Upon signing the contract, an invoice is created and automated reminders are sent.
    • Payment Confirmation: Payment is recorded in QuickBooks and confirmed in the invoice table, with internal Slack notifications.
    • Documentation: Key documents such as the automation strategy and quick wins are uploaded to Slack and Google Drive.
  5. Onboarding Call Scheduling:
    • An automated system sends reminders to book the onboarding call.
    • Follow-Up: If the invoice is not paid, follow-up actions are triggered to ensure completion.
  6. Onboarding Completion:
    • Once the invoice is paid and the onboarding call is scheduled, the process concludes with an automated call reminder.

Tools Utilized

  • Make.com: For workflow automation and integration.
  • Slack: For communication channel creation and notifications.
  • Email: For sending proposals, contracts, and Google Drive links.
  • Pandadoc: For document signing and management.
  • Google Drive: For storage and sharing of client documents.


  • No Human Intervention: The entire onboarding process is automated, reducing manual workload.
  • Efficiency and Speed: Rapid onboarding, allowing focus on strategic activities.
  • Consistency: Uniform onboarding experience for all clients, minimizing errors.
  • Resource Optimization: Freed up resources to be used in more strategic areas.

This project exemplifies the power of automation in enhancing operational efficiency and providing a seamless client onboarding experience.

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